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Photograph / The Anointed Lesley Reed

Angie BEE

Angie BEE is the founder of The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents outreach troupe.   Founded in 2011, the TOUR brings concerts, workshops, retreats, book signings, prophetic preaching, and the love of the Lord to communities, churches and civic structures.


Angie BEE served as an award winning global radio show host for over a decade, and now she is a #1 Amazon Bestselling author! Her books share her testimony of mental illness and attempted suicide; weight loss and temple restoration; business and entrepreneurship; and her true love story co-authored with her husband Bartee through In the Beginning:  There Was God, Me & You. She narrates and produces audio books for other authors; produces video and audio segments through Angie BEE Productions; and she is frequently asked to contribute articles to magazines and blogs. 


Connect with Angie BEE at

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