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A Novella for Winter...Guaranteed to Keep You Warm

Strangers, but not really.

Lovers, but not really.

Toe-curling, back-bending, make-you-holla sex whenever it’s possible.  Oh, yes, really!



I am single, hard-working, date-aversive, and sexy – according to the ladies.  My recent ascent to the helm of my parents’ hotel corporation means that I have little time for frivolous encounters.  Critics already peg me as too young for such responsibility, so keeping my name out of the papers in unsavory lights is a necessity. I’m too busy for personal entanglements. I don’t have time for love. Then, one cold night in Alaska happens and changes everything.



I have a ridiculously attractive boss. So I’ve heard. I tend to not notice things like that about upper management. I am committed to my job.  I’m respected by my peers and colleagues. I keep a clean, professional approach to my career. I want to excel on my own merit. I travel for the Masters Hotel Group as an interventionist, and my work is memorable. Apparently, so is my body.  When Jeremy Masters opens his door covering his damp body with nothing but a towel, my world turns upside down.


A Christmas Fling Hot Enough to Stop Winter

Everyone knows that sex between employers and employees is an astounding No!  What do you do, though, when the boss makes you feel like the sexiest bombshell who ever lived?  What do you do when your employee keeps you up at night wishing that she was under you just one more time?  What do you do when it’s so good, you just keep coming back?

When things begin to unravel and threaten to destroy what we’ve built with our careers, we must decide whether a Christmas fling is just a fling or the greatest gift either one of us could receive.

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