So, tell me, when you look at me what do you see?
I hope it’s based on spirituality
Lord knows I’m searching diligently
See I have no time for distractions
cause last time I strayed away I paid dearly - Sincerely

Author Diane Bass shares intimate and soul-baring poetry in A Piece of Spiryt. Birthed from her personal path into spiritual awareness and wellness, she has penned a set of poems curated for these times. Readers will certainly find some of themselves in the collection.

Forced to become the observer, life revealed its mysteries, sometimes in vibrant allure, then again, in hueless serene. Regardless of how the revelation manifested itself, there was an opportunity to understand people and life--even if it was a reflection of my own ugliness. And in those moments, I became the witness. I saw my innocence in a child's eyes. I was able to laugh at my own silliness and cry at resembling sorrow.

I hope the words in this book speak to you. May you observe and
become the witness.


A Piece of SPIRYT

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