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Hot Enough to Melt Chocolate

Hot Enough to Melt Chocolate


Highly-organized consultant, Antoinette “Toni” Quinn, has a preference for chocolate—chocolate men, that is.  In fact, Toni subscribes to the “Strictly Chocolate” school of romance.  If he isn’t black, then it is not going to happen.


Gabriel Jackson is reserved, methodical, and very white.  Tired of women who are only interested in quickly making their way to the altar—regardless of compatibility—he is taking a break from the dating game. 


Then, the game changes.

Two people.  One chance encounter.  

What happens when love is in front of you, and it doesn’t look anything like you thought it would?  What happens when the temperature is so hot that you have no choice but to test it?

SKU: 978-1-946981-19-6
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