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Our Publishing Imprints

At Ladero Press, we publish books across several genres.  We have established imprints for ease of management.

  • Ladero Academic - Within this line, we publish books related to education, scholarship, and training or to be used for education, scholarship, and training purposes.

  • 1 (TM) - This includes books related to general business, marketing, sales, and other business-related topics.

  • Ladero Fiction  - This is our line of fiction which covers works that are not factual, spanning many types such as romance, mystery, and suspense.

  • The Beat (TM)  - In this line of publication, we cover health, medicine, and related topics.

  • Inspired (TM)  - This includes books related to religion, philosophy, improvement, and general inspiration.  

  • Living the Life (TM)  - This line focuses on the different ways we live day to day:  cooking, travelling, fashion, and related topics.

  • Real by Ladero (TM)  - Our non-fiction line, Real by Ladero, covers works that are factual and understood to be based on events that occurred. This includes works that are historical in nature.

  • Kids Do Read (TM)  - This is our children's line of books.  Within this group, we publish a variety of topics related to children.

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