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Introducing The Press: Monthly Newsletter of Ladero Press

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Press! I am so honored that you have chosen to go on this grand adventure in literature with me! It's been a little over a year since the origination of Ladero Press, which began after I finished my first book and looked for a means to publish it. I was impressed to start a company, helping other authors get their books to the marketplace, and one year later, here we are! I have learned a lot of lessons since then, and those lessons, I believe will serve you the readers well, too, as we bring aboard authors with stories that impact you in every area of life--from the young to the seasoned. Whether you are lounging in a hammock by the sea and need an escape romance or are seeking to learn more about being a better parent, I believe that this growing company and its roster of authors, now and in the future, will provide literature that will take you on a grand adventure!

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