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A Sizzling Summer Read by Francesca Penn


A baby on the way.

A woman on his mind.

And, it’s not the pregnant one.

Henri Zidane has a dilemma: honor his commitment or get to know the quirky HR manager who cornered him in the stairwell. He has a baby on the way with a woman he doesn’t trust, and he keeps asking himself, “How did this happen?” Well, not how really, but why? Why! Why is it that even with all precautions he used, he still going to be a father before he’s a husband? And, no, he’s not about to marry Cassie! But one look into Sanya’s big brown eyes has him agreeing to things he’d usually turn down, and an unexpected twist has them spending a lot of time together which makes it harder to ignore the heat growing between them.

Cute and quirky Sanya Shaw has an ax to grind and the super fit engineer Henri Zidane is the key — she hopes — to her looming predicament. She needs to fit into her dress to save face in front of a wedding party she despises. Weight loss is no joke, and she needs the real deal to help her meet her goal. She may not be able to blow off her commitment to be a bridesmaid for her ex’s cousin without seeming petty - even if her jerk of an ex brings The Petty – but she can take super-sexy and freshly single Henri along for the ride.

When a racy weekend on the beach permanently shifts the dynamic of their friendship, Henri and Sanya find out that what started as a fitness journey has them falling in ways neither anticipated.

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