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Francesca Penn and Ladero Fiction

She haunted his dreams and starred in his dirtiest fantasies


Office recluse Nicholas Sinclair decided to confront the person watching him in the Sinclair Enterprises parking lot. He was done being stalked. He was met with the unexpected when he finds himself staring into the eyes of the one woman who makes him want...everything.  It did not matter whether she was dressed in a tailored, just-tight-enough business suit or filling out jeans that made him weak, he knew how the night would end— with her in his dreams.


Executive Kalilah Wright is a no-nonsense business woman with a wild side.  She took on the work that came her way from her handsome, engaging, and very married “I love my wife” boss, Andrew Sinclair.   Her work ethic fostered a relationship that kept her on the corporate ladder of success.  But, she wanted more than a fat bank account and designer apparel.  She wanted a mate.  She wanted the guy in the parking lot.


Nicholas has a secret that asks every question.  Kalilah has all the answers.  What he pitches to her can only be taken in one way.  Kalilah is up to the challenge, but will Nicholas complete the journey?

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