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D.R. Simpson

D.R. Simpson

D. R. (Donald R. Simpson), born in Washington, DC, is a retired DC firefighter and EMS officer. He graduated from HD Woodson HS in Northeast Washington, DC. After being recruited, he attended Rochester Community College in Rochester, Minnesota, and Montgomery Community College, in Rockville, Maryland, Majoring in Advertising & Design, as well as, Creative Writing. Known mostly as an illustrator, he has also been writing for more than thirty years, following his passion for fantasy and fiction now as a full-time fiction writer drawing from the pages of his imagination. He’s also written a number of stories ranging from fantasy, horror, suspense and action dramas. He hand-crafts figurines of his characters to bring his stories to life.

In 2018, he published his first novel, a fantasy adventure series, Another Worlds Kronicles Nomadic Warriors: The Age of Giants Book I.

Between Fang & Claw: The Butcher of the Bronx is his second published novel. It is his first in a new fantasy horror series published by Ladero Press, under the Ladero Fiction imprint.

Photo Credit: Joseph Simpson

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