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We Are Ladero Press


You are an author.

We are your team.  

Welcome to #TeamLaderoPress.


We are a Publishing Services Firm (PSF) with a focus on helping new authors get their stories to the marketplace.  We are a network of designers, editors, and marketers who support the publishing process.  With Ladero Press, your story is in the best hands, helping your publication dreams come to life.

Ladero Press operates like traditional publishers:  if after reviewing your completed manuscript, we believe that your book is marketable and will sell, then we offer an agreement.  We pay royalties on sales.  There are no costs to the author to get the book to market.  We are the publisher; we assume the cost of getting your book polished from beginning to end.

Ladero Press, LLC is owned by L.D. Robinson, who is passionate about your story!

Join a team that keeps you and your story front and center.  No one cares for your story like #TeamLaderoPress.

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