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Our Editing Services



There is a certain type of experience each author desires a reader to have upon opening his/her book.  From content to storyline to timeline, every author desires to engage the reader in such a way that the reader finishes the book and desires to read the author's next publication.

At Ladero Press, we help you develop return readers and fans through our CPG Approach.  


Through our skilled expertise, we review your draft for:

  • Consistent Content - Is the storyline well-developed?  Is the content consistent throughout the story?  It matters not whether it is fiction or nonfiction, the content and details need to be consistent for the story to be complete.  We help you adjust and fine tune your content, if necessary, for a story your readers will enjoy.

  • "Perfect" Punctuation - We read a lot of material.  We understand that when an author is trying to finish that book draft that has been causing you to burn the early morning and midnight oils, punctuation can be missed in the writing.  In our CPG Approach, we review every line to ensure that the content has proper punctuation to correctly convey the story to the reader.

  • Great Grammar - Through our editing services, we help you employ great grammar in your book.  The wrong word has the ability to change the nature of a story.  We help you remain true to your story while telling it by utilizing correct verb tenses, words, and structure.

Our editing services are part of what we do with each of our signed authors.  


Not one of our authors but in need of some great editing?  We can help you, too.  Simply email us or call us.


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