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Being a good mother is not for the faint at heart! 


There is much to impart, much to share, and much to instill in children—giving them both the tools and guidance to help them conquer and win in life. 


For many mothers, the template of what to do or what not to do when it comes to parenting is the mother that they had.  Some have repeated good practices and saw the fruit of implementation.  Sadly, others have repeated bad practices and reaped the same.


This book comes to you from a mother—one who has encountered the trials and triumphs of parenthood.  As a supplement to the Moms-n-Ministry Workshop hosted by The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents, MAAA! offers mothers an opportunity to reflect on their current approaches for mothering (even with adult children) and plan on how to begin restoring even those broken mother-child relationships.


Moms-n-Ministry is a component of The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents that is uniquely presented by moms with a single goal:  to support and encourage mothers to be the very best they can be, while allowing God to guide their parenting footsteps.

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