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Confinement Chronicles

Confinement Chronicles


March 2020 became a pivot month for the world.  The coronavirus pandemic was spreading like wildfire around the globe.  With daily news briefings on the virus, many people were glued to their televisions and computer screens awaiting to hear what government and health officials would report.  Although fear wanted to grab the world by the throat, through it all, still, there were some who were trusting God.  Trusting God to bring them through.  Trusting God to provide.  Trusting God to keep His promises to them.  Through the very rough times of the pandemic—from dating to break-ups to starting businesses—stories were birthed out of the pandemic.  Encouraging stories to help inspire you to keep going—to meet the challenge and TRIUMPH!


Volumes I and II – How God Got Me Over the Curve

"Neka" Perkins, Sonya Bennett, Terri Jones, Monique Chandler, Rue Mayweather, Theresa Jordan, Vernessa Blackwell, Tahara Lee, Thaddeus Randolph, and Bartee


Volume III – Protests During the Pandemic

Regina Nunnally, Theresa Jordan, Donna M. Gray-Banks, Bartee, and Sonya Bennett


Volume IV – My Mental Health During This Pandemic

Christopher "Swan" Swansburg, Theresa Jordan, Ivy Sebastien, Monique Chandler, Sonya Bennett, Marcus Latimer, Dr. April L. Johnson


Volume V – Won’t He Do It?  PAID IN A PANDEMIC

Tamara Mackroy, "Ric & Rainbow", and Theresa Jordan


Volume VI – When the Doors of the Church Closed

Bishop Rex al Opusunju, Pastor Karen Chandler, Evangelist & First Lady Althea Chavers, Pastor Patrick Wilkerson, Ronald Stafford, Pedro Rodriguez, and Sonya Bennett


Volume VII – Out of the Mouths of Our Babes

Kami Love (age 9), Sandra "Bee" (age 8), Jalen Alexander (age 15), and Dion Taylor (age 16)


Volume VIII – He Brought Me Through it:  Cancer in a Pandemic

Angie Cowan, Sharlyne Thomas, Bartee, Sonya Bennett, Tanya Bennett, Al James Bennett, and Barbara Latimer


Volume IX - #Irefuse to Stop Being ME!  The Alopecia Awareness Fundraiser

Michelle Walters-Johnson, Raquel Johnson, Lorna Mastin, Shay, Uniqua Leak, Tamara Flake, Evangelist Angie BEE, and Bartee


Volume X – Even in My Darkest Hour YOU NEVER LEFT ME:  Surviving Covid

Charlene Stewart, Curtis Motley, Chad "Brandon" Butler, Chaconna Downs, and Tracy Etheridge

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