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"Between the ages of six to twenty-nine, alopecia was a constant thought and struggle for me.  I was always thinking of a way to hide my baldness under wigs, hats, headwraps, and weaves . . . I was obsessed with keeping my secret . . . " ~ Tamara R. Flake in "My Alopecia Short Story . . . "


During the pandemic, many people could not receive hair services as salons were closed. Wig and beauty establishments were closed; dermatologists were not accepting patients for "cosmetic" issues. Nationwide, people that had previously been covering their baldness with wigs were forced to embrace a "baldie" look. As the pandemic wore on, there became a further need for acceptance, awareness, and education. That is the reason this book was launched.


In this special edition of Confinement Chronicles, we bring you the stories of men and women who deal with the impact of alopecia areata, commonly known as alopecia. 


From the woman whose mother brought it to her attention that her hair was thinning to another whose hair began to fall out as a very young girl, these are stories of those who have decided to walk boldly along their hairless journey.  Wig or no wig?  These authors share their stories—making you cry and laugh at the vicissitudes of life.


#iRefuse TO STOP BEING ME is a special edition of Confinement Chronicles.  Content has been previously published, and yet, is still as inspiring, encouraging, and confidence-boosting as the when originally written.



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