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Comfort food means different dishes to different people. To Tommy Centola, the Creole Cajun Chef, comfort food is a collection of dishes found in the greatest region of American cuisine. With influences from French, Spanish, Caribbean, African, Italian and other areas, Creole and Cajun dishes are considered America's first fusion foods. Here is Tommy's interpretation of his Louisiana style comfort foods. There are classic recipes along with some of the chef's original creations. Whichever recipes you choose to create, you will have a comforting meal.


Tommy Centola, the Creole Cajun Chef, is a native of New Orleans. He moved to Searcy, Arkansas following Hurricane Katrina. For the last 15 years, he has been able to find locally sourced Louisiana products to recreate these comfort foods. He lives with his wife, Peggy, and their three dogs, Abigail, Hope and Alfredeaux.

Creole & Cajun Comfort Food: Limited Edition Hardback

SKU: 978-1-946981-61-5
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