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The coronavirus pandemic dramatically arrived on the scene of 2020. In just a few months, the world experienced changes that would soon shape daily movement. Countries mandated lockdowns. Travel bans were imposed. Frontline workers across the globe were working to keep others safe and keep themselves alive.


In the midst of all the changes and daily briefings were students. From every walk of life, students suddenly found themselves studying at home. Some with parents who found themselves more deeply involved in their children's education than ever before. Others left alone to adjust to a new way of learning -- like boats without rudders to steer the way. From virtual classrooms to socially-distanced friendships, the lives of students were transformed.


West Village Academy in Dearborn, Michigan, experienced a shift. Here are the stories of some of their students. Students with hopes. Students with dreams. Students who persevere in the face of a changing education landscape. Students determined to "emerge from the curve" of a pandemic.

Emerging from the Curve: The Students of West Village Academy

SKU: 978-1-946981-75-2
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