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"I was in Sanford, Florida for the live book revue of From the Outhouse to the Little Red Schoolhouse on October 5, 2019. The story was well woven, and it was extremely picturesque. Ms. Hitchmon-Whatley’s prose was an inspiring story, and it inspired what can be done if you keep on pressing toward the mark." Alyson R. McCord, Esq.  


Patricia Merritt Whatley founded the dynamic Tajiri Arts School and Museum in Sanford, Florida, in 1988.  After twenty years of training students in the arts, Tajiri closed its doors, but its impact has continued.


In this very candid memoir, Whatley tells readers through her story what she told her students:  "Be determined."  From the Outhouse to the Little Red School House:  The Tajiri Arts Story is memorable in every way and continues Whatley's mission to transform the minds of students in how they think of themselves, the world they live in, and of others around them. 


Class is now in session.

From the Outhouse to the Little Red School House: The Tajiri Arts Story

SKU: 978-1-946981-54-7
  • As the smaller trim size of FROM THE OUTHOUSE, this version is 11 x 8 1/2  and published on premium paper.  The weight of the paper increases the weight of the book, which is 264 pages.  Shipping price reflects the cost of ground shipping.

    Looking for the larger book?  Click here:  FROM THE OUTHOUSE - Tabloid Size

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