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From the hosts of Gettin’ Over the Hump with Angie BEE & Bartee comes a true love story that could only be told by the two of them—together.


Angie BEE & Bartee went from being single—with neither thinking about another spouse—to being married in less than six months.  After two marriages, Angie BEE was enjoying her career and the Lord.  Bartee was, well, enjoying being a bachelor.  A divine introduction culminated into a union that merged two families, helped heal past hurts, and opened their spirits to the possibilities of love.


In the Beginning:  There Was God, Me & You is not only a love story, but an exploration of blessings.  Those blessings that come unexpectedly, in the unlikeliest of packages, and at the most unanticipated times.  Angie BEE & Bartee share what happens when we’re willing to unwrap those blessings—life becomes sweeter, more adventurous, and more fulfilling in unimagined ways.

In The Beginning: There Was God, Me & You by Angie BEE & Bartee

SKU: 978-1-946981-05-9
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