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Love Connections

Love Connections


"Perhaps those who say men don’t hurt have not met a real man." - Dexter Reed


When Dexter Reed, a railroad consulting executive, returns to the DMV for his rocketing career, he leaves behind the woman he loves--who, by the way, never wants to see him again.  Architect Aubrey Sanders is heartbroken over the callous way Reed leaves her life, and vows that she will move on.  He never dreamed, however, that she would leave the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest for the bustling DC metropolis to work on a key client's architecture project. What happens after that is a ride that only happens when hearts are bound and form true love connections. 


Get Unfollowing My Ex by Laro Claitty -- the book that started it all-- for free!  Available on Kobo, Amazon, B&N, and other retailer sites. 

SKU: 978-1-946981-10-3
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