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When My Flowers Met Your Sun

When My Flowers Met Your Sun


When Janet Reed retires from the military, she returns to Northern Virginia, the home seat of her family. Starting a flower shop keeps her busy, but not so busy that she escapes the nightmares that have plagued her for years. The long work hours help, but she knows that she would soon have to deal with them. When, though?

McKinley “Mac” Diop is fine, intelligent, kind, and yes, very sexy. He has a thriving and growing family luxury goods business he operates with his Senegalese father and Irish mother that keeps him occupied…but, one woman stays on his mind. Janet Reed calls to everything in Mac, but she is so prickly. What’s the deal?

Unknowingly, the two find themselves on the West Coast at the same time to help Janet’s cousin, Dexter Reed, who also happens to be Mac’s best friend.

This just may be what is needed for Mac’s fierce sun to cause Janet’s flowers to bloom.


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SKU: 978-1-946981-60-8
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