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Laro Claitty Brings Another Hilarious Romantic Comedy


What if married people treated their relationships like their cars?

Jessica "Jess" Fitz and Christopher "Chris" McQuay have decided to take their relationship to the next level.  They're getting married.  Yes, married!  When things get dicey during premarital counseling, Jessica proposes a way to get things back on track and keep them on track after they marry.  A marriage maintenance agreement? Christopher reluctantly agrees, and what happens next is the stuff that well, you really do not want others to know. 

Join Jess and Chris as they journey through courtship, wedding planning, The Wedding, and life after "I Do".  They discover that being married is like having a car--if you want to keep it working well, you need to maintenance it, unless you are into costly repairs.  


The Marriage Maintenance Agreement will cause you to laugh out loud and scratch your head while thinking, "Should I do one of these?"

**Spring 2021**

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