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There's Never Been A Revolution Where There Has Been No Revelation

Sight.  Vision.  Opportunity.  Revelation.

More than two decades of business experience--including almost twenty years of consulting with private and government organizations--have shown author L.D. Robinson that what a leader is able to see past is critical to organizational success.

Whether the need is to add another competency, transform the culture, or expand marketplace territory, it only happens when a leader can see past the visible to that place in his/her imagination of what the organization could be, what it needs to be for sustainability.

L.D. Robinson explores six major competencies that an organization must exhibit if a revolution is to occur within and yield desired business results.  It is, however, not enough to critically assess current state, but leaders must be able to see past the "this" to get the organization to "that."

There is a place for organizational revolution.  It will take a revelationary leader.

**Fall 2020**

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