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In the Beginning There Was God, Me & You takes you on a stroll down a lane of unexpected romance that eventually blooms into a full love affair. The magnitude of it cannot be measured in time, but in blessed moments; blessings that had to be recognized and seized upon. A lot of people miss those blessings, yet this romance had many opportunities of blessings that these two truly captured!

Such a beautiful family and such a sweet ceremony! I remembered praying and thanking the Lord for that day, but somewhere in my mind, Uncle Bartee kept popping up. “Give my number to your uncle and tell him to give me a call,” I asked JR one evening when we were in the recording studio at church. Uncle Bartee came to my mind, and I wondered what he was doing and why he hadn’t come out to more of our local concerts.

Now, JR was asking me why I wanted his uncle to call me. Hmmph? I didn’t even know the answer to that question; I was just following the lead that was in my head, and my defensive side didn’t feel like I owed JR an explanation to my head.

Why DID I want Uncle Bartee to call me? He wasn’t my type, and I wasn’t gonna be bothered with no man ever again! He was short; I like tall men. His belly was round; mine was, too, so that wasn’t gonna work. He stepped in front of my camera angle and didn’t even say “excuse me”, so he must be rude. Actually, when JR introduced us at his wedding, Uncle Bartee just shook my hand and kept it moving!

A true love story - - one that will have you laughing and thinking about your own love life, God's grace, and how lives have a funny way of being joined together.

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